Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants

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Published 22nd July 2017 |
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Hello everyone,we are from Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants in Locks Heath shopping centre & we're an Aladdins cave for all your wine & spirits needs.....and chocolates,pates,chutneys etc......feel free to pop in & say Hi!!!

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Hello and welcome to the forum

Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
MLS Marketing Team

Hello welcome to the forum! Your business sounds wonderful, I do love some good chutneys and chocolate - not at the same time though ;) . Where are you based?

Kindest Regards,
Pac-hs Limited

Hi, we are in the Locks Heath Shopping Centre, near Southampton, hope you are close enough to call in and see what we have to offer


I live up north, in Lancashire, so unfortunately you are too far away, but if I'm ever in the area I will try and pop by. Although I don't have any plans to be near Southampton soon.  Do you have a website or is it purely a local run shop?


Kindest Regards,
Pac-hs Limited

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