Video and Cine to DVD conversion

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Published 10th June 2017 |
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Hi Everyone

My name is Andy and I run a local family business converting Video & Cine film to DVD/Digital file

I am here to offer guidance to anyone wanting to have a go  converting their tapes etc themselves but have run into difficulties - or if you would like me to give you a no obligation quote to carry out this work for you I would be happy to do so.

As I've been in the photographic trade for nearly 40 years I am  in the position to answer any questions (Photography related)

 I hope that I can be an asset to this forum 

I look forward to hear from you 

All the best 



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Hi Andy, welcome to the forums 

Must admit have got some old home movie VHS tapes floating around in the garage somewhere which I've been on about converting for ages, bit no longer own a VHS player 

If I can find them, I'll get sent over and see if you can weave any magic.

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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Hi Steve

Not a problem I can do those for you.

It would be a good idea to bring your tapes in from the garage as soon as possible as I've seen many precious tapes become almost unplayable due to mould. 

Cine film and all video tapes are far better kept in the house  where the temperature stays fairly constant.

The loft is another place to avoid due to extreme temperature changes

If you do discover  your video tapes have been affected by the dreaded white stuff please ignore the numerous 'Youtube' posts telling you that it can be removed by using an old video player and cloth soaked in alcohol.   Mould spores that can become airborne during cleaning are dangerous if breathed in. My advise would be to seek professional help where special machines will be used to clean your tapes safely.

I will be posting regular tips on storing, archiving and transferring your treasured family memories - I'll be happy to answer any questions that members in the forum might have.






Welcome to the forum!

Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
MLS Marketing Team