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Published 20th March 2017 |
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How do you guys get on with this site? Does it generate many leads?

I'm a photographer based in the Midlands. I specialise in studio and wedding photography. I regularly shoot product (inc. 360), food and fashion photography either at my studio or in house at client's warehouses, restaurants, etc.

Give me a shout if I could be of any use to you or your business.

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Hi Matt, welcome to the forums Do you do all types of photography? which is your favourite? 

Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
MLS Marketing Team

Hi Rachael,

I guess I do! I shoot products for all sorts, John Lewis, Maniere De Voir, Gymshark, Heritage, Tesco.... loads of others. Then I do food for a few fine dining restaurants around Birmingham. The odd wedding..... and whatever else comes my way.

Got a whole day of dog portraits in the studio tomorrow.

Favourite is probably weddings, but I do love being able to let my OCD off it's leash with the product work.

Welcome aboard Matt and thanks for joining us.

Reviews is one of the secrets to getting more leads. Encourage a few customer reviews on your page, and remember we have the review widget you are welcome to use on your own website. You can grab it by logging into your listing editor.

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