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Published 15th February 2017 |
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Hello, I'm Lynne and I'm a skincare & cosmetic consultant in Dorset. I love to help people look and feel amazing in their skin. Is there anyone else from Dorset or Hampshire in the forum?

Lynne Mary Kay
Mary Kay Skincare & Cosmetics
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Hi Lynne, 

Welcome to the forum! What type of services do you offer then? 

Unfortunately I'm not from Dorset and Hampshire 

Rachael Kennedy | MLS Marketing Team

Hi Rachael,

Thanks for the welcome...

My services are helping teens, men and women with skin issues; helping people to find a suitable skincare regime if they aren't already on one; colour matching foundation; teaching people how to apply make up and how to use colours.

I can do this one on one, in a group or via Skype/phone xx

What services/industries do you market for?


Lynne Mary Kay
Mary Kay Skincare & Cosmetics

Hi & welcome to the forums 

Dont very often use make up lol, even if i did my step daughter worksin a beauty salon !

Clive, My Local Services
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Welcome aboard Lynne 

Folks live in Salisbury, think that's Dorset if that counts

Cheers Steve
Directory & Local Search anorak
My Local Services

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