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Published 10th January 2017 |
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Hello, I am new to the site, and delighted to be a part of My Local Services.  I am unsure where to start and apologise if I am diving in too quickly, but I have an open question?  Regarding non internet dating!  Here goes .... Do we really want and need to hide behind computers to find someone special, or can we revert to meeting each other in 'real' life. I believe meeting through an introduction agency is a greater way of finding a partner. Safe and secure, not time consuming, but celebrating traditions!  

Tried and tested from an MD's point of view ......... 



Mrs Lovelace
Connections Introductions

Hello, welcome to the forums! No we love it when people dive straight in- go ahead! Have you looked around the forum to see where you can add your views/opinions

Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
MLS Marketing Team

Welcome aboard Mrs Lovelace and you've started in the right place 

Interesting question in this busy and online world. Must admit I thought the traditional dating agencies were a thing of the past with advent of online dating. Is there still a sizable market for it? Maybe older folk prefer the more traditional approach?

Steve Richardson
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Thank you for your warm welcome.  Thank goodness introduction agencies arent a thing of the past, otherwise I would be redundant!  There is definitely a market for us, generally with business people, but certainly people from all walks of life.  

I am still finding my way around your site, but like what I see so far.

Thank you again.

Mrs Lovelace
Connections Introductions

Welcome to the forums

My views & opinions are my own

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