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Published 29th December 2016 |
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Does anyone here us Facebay Groups to advertise their company or services?

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Does anyone here us Facebay Groups to advertise their company or services?”

Well that's a new one one me! Had to Google it 

ipost parcels has a good page about it:

FaceBay started as a general page for buying and selling items over the network, FaceBay has become a localised, convenient way for shoppers in the same area to dabble in local commerce. Simply type 'FaceBay' into the search bar at the top of Facebook and a wealth of local pages (FaceBay Southampton, FaceBay Portsmouth and FaceBay Bournemouth are just some examples available to those living on the south coast) appear for account holders to choose from.

So it's basically just  a bunch of local Facebook Groups branded together under a common name. Facebook Groups have long being a good place to advertise and market your services, and looking at the sheer number of ones badged as "Facebay" then it would suggest they are popular and worth checking out.

But a lot of Facebook Groups can also be overrun with spam, over active self promo, left unmoderated or ripe for abuse. I'm a member of a few and some localised ones do work well for small businesses, with more allied trade style businesses tending to do well, such as plumbers, builders, sparkys plus things like cleaners etc.

Anyone actually used any FaceBay badged groups? Any feedback good or bad?

Cheers Steve
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Sorry this 1 has passed me by until I took a look ..Seem to be loads of them around as I took a look.None for my town though and no I wont be starting another as 2 pages are 2 to many and to make it worse I don't even live there anymore as no one wants to take it on lol

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