The Three Main Categories to Consider when Marketing Business

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Marketing is the key element within any business, regardless of size.

Larger businesses may appear to dominate marketing channels due to having a higher budget. Smaller businesses may have to compromise with more cost-efficient forms of marketing.

Local Advertisement: Why not get out into the community?

Local advertising is the new 'get up and go' way of thinking. If your business is at a standstill, why not get out into the community to start attracting new customers.

Types of Local Advertising:

  • Leaflets
  • Newspaper ads 
  • Knock to knock door advertising.
  • Local radio advert

Through Local Advertisement, potential customers are on your doorstep.

This form of marketing is straightforward, low cost and very easy to set up.  If the ad is eye-catching and stands out, customers are more likely to remember it or file you on the kitchen cork-board.

So, start thinking creatively.

Customer Engagement and Email marketing: Easy is Efficient.

Email marketing is simply the press of a button. If you can engage your customers through email, you have won. But with so much spam via email, your business needs to create something that will grab people’s attention.

Types of Email Marketing:

  • Business newsletter- this could be monthly or weekly
  • Sales/Promotion
  • New product/Service
  • New content or announcement
  • An event invitation


Email marketing is an easy way to reach people. They can be targeted and narrowed down to the audience you want. 

There are many ways to send email promotions, from third party free software to installing your own email marketing software.

 Possible Email marketing software to use:



Social Media Promotion: Don't ignore it

Social media is where you need to be. Although it can appear daunting, with millions of active users at any time, it is an advertising channel you can’t afford to miss.

Social Media Benefits:

  • Affordable
  • Straightforward to use
  • Incredible audience reach
  • Very easy to Track results

Looking for a certain audience but not sure which in particular?

Then the Social Media platform is where you need to be.

With many new features on Facebook such as the ‘go live’ and Facebook professional services, the site can ultimately boost your online presence just through your business creating regular posts and content.

You can fine tune a particular audience from a variety of options, from distance from your business, to the type of person, age, gender and their interests.

Which Social Media sites are available to you?

You don’t want to try and tackle everything, so I would suggest starting with Facebook and maybe Twitter, but there are a variety of choices out there such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+  
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

Social Media sites are rapidly becoming more popular for smaller businesses: Small Business weekend 2016 reported:  

A lot of businesses find that establishing a presence on social media creates increased engagement with customers and works continually to build customer relationships.

 I think these three categories can be everything your business needs to improve your marketing.

Already doing all of this? Then carry on going, but you can always find a way to push for more.

Go get ‘em! 


Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
MLS Marketing Team
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