A Step into the Social Media Business World

Published 23rd August 2017 | View or add comments

I hope 'social media' isn't such an unfamiliar word to many of you. 

Social media like the world is always rotating. We can discover new features every day allowing our customers to get the most out of interacting online.  

Many of you will have heard of the main social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter as they are the larger platforms followed by others such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

What you may not know is how these platforms are the secret ingredient to your marketing success. 

What Can Social Media Do For Your Marketing?

  • Number 1- Increase Your Brand Awareness:

Any business owner wants to push their brand in to the 21st century. Brand awareness helps a business to become more noticed by consumers. I find that being able to reach thousands through the click of a button is a powerful tool to have for your business. 

A comparison always helps me understand something:

Let’s say that your brand is your new puppy; you want to show it off to everyone. You want everybody to see how cute your puppy is. You can't possibly send a photo to everyone through the post. It's too expensive, so instead you post a photo on Facebook for all your friends to see at once! 

The same principles apply to your brand. Why post leaflets that can only reach a set number, when you can post/tweet and reach so many more.  

  • Number 2- Get To Know Your Customers

It is an intimate way of marketing. Social media gives you a voice alongside a personality. It gives you a chance to get to know your customers in a more relaxing environment. Most customers will have personal profiles on Social Media sites. Use this to your advantage and interact! 

  • Number 3- Save Yourself Some Money

Think with your business brain. Social media is the most cost efficient form of marketing. The setting up of Social media sites is free; through maintaining a good online presence you will have no problem building a secure follower base.

 Saving money wins the race for a lot of us. With smaller businesses it is key to save money where we can. Social media does have additional extras you can pay for however you are able to control what you spend for each post. 

So to make sure you optimise your marketing potential why not get on the social media bandwagon today!

Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
MLS Marketing Team
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