101 Small Business Advertising Sources

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Here is a huge list of the places you can advertise your business, with both online and offline ideas to explode your website’s traffic, storefront or home-business. Remember all the below advertising methods may hugely increase your business’s sales but only if you keep the offers and targets relevant.

For example, if you are a local business don’t promote nationally and vice versa. Know your target audience and think about what they might be doing.

1. Google Adwords – Pay to have people visit your website.
2. Send Free Samples – Send a sample to a relevant prospect.
3. Direct Mail Marketing – Research leads and create an enticing offer.
4. Personal Social Media Accounts – Get your friends and family to kick-start your business.
5. Business Social Media Accounts – Set up professional accounts, post regularly and build an audience.
6. Free Mags – Advertise in free mags, generic but inexpensive and the reach is great.
7. Reddit – Post an interesting thread and watch it soar.
8. Reverse Graffiti – Legal and highly effective. Wikipedia - a method of creating temporary or semi-permanent images on walls or other surfaces by removing dirt from a surface. 
9. Distribute Leaflets/Flyers – Old school marketing methods, they still work extremely well.
10. SEO – Rank higher in Google and generate organic traffic.
11. Facebook/Twitter Ads – Grow your social following.
12. Videos – Create a YouTube video or series.
13. Sponsor a Bus - Sponsor a bus, which will be a medium marketing cost.
14. Sponsor a Taxi – Alternatively sponsor a taxi. Make sure you know the sort of area your taxi will cover.
15. Sponsor a Park Bench – Small budget, sponsor a park bench or maybe a local roundabout.
16. Buy a Billboard – Got more of a budget? Go bigger.
17. Instagram – Take some great (interesting) photos of your brand.
18. Email– Advertise your business in your email footer.
19. Cold Calling – If it’s relevant and you have the confidence it’s still very effective.
20. Take to the Streets – Knock on doors, walk into businesses and just talk (don’t sell).
21. Online Directories – Post to online business directories to let people find your business.
22. Online Forums – Become active on business forums
23. Local Communities – Giving back to the community in the name of your business.
24. Radio Ads – Cheaper than you might think, great for local audiences.
25. Newspaper Ads – Quarter page local newspaper ads/Free ads section.
26. Post Online Free Ads – Craigslist, Gumtree etc. get thousands of visitors a day!
27. TV Advertising – Again this is a lot cheaper than you think and could be highly profitable.
28. Storefront Posters – Simply ask local businesses if you can put a poster up.
29. Call Current Customers – It’s six times easier to sell to a previous customer than a new one.
30. Sponsor a Club/Team – A local sports team for example.
31. Corporate Graffiti – On your own property only though.
32. Create an Infographic – Everyone loves visually displayed data.
33. Connect with Your Industry – Grow your online business connections and then trade ideas.
34. Create a Slideshow on Slideshare – Slideshare gets million+ visitors a month.
35. Create Helpful Blog Posts – Such as this one!
36. Banner Ads – Find relevant websites and display a banner back to your site.
37. Business Card Drops – Place a business card whenever you pay for a bill.
38. Affiliate Programmes – Create programmes to allow marketers to sell your business.
39. Students – Hire them and utilise their social networks.
40. Brand Yourself – Branded clothing.
41. Brand Your Vehicle – Large car stickers of your business.
42. Create a LinkedIn Page – Have a professional LinkedIn presence for your business.
43. Word of Mouth – Push word of mouth marketing: friends/family/employees.
44. Start a Conference – Start a monthly business conference in your industry/location.
45. Throw a Party – If a conference is not relevant for your industry.
46. Networking Events – Go to different networking events.
47. Become a Speaker – Speak at schools/corporate events/lectures.
48. Start a Podcast – Set it up on iTunes too.
49. Allow Guest Posts – This leads to additional social shares and free content.

50. List Your Business on GoogleGoogle.co.uk/business to sign up.
51. Comment on Other Websites/Blogs – with a link back to your site.
52. Trade Services – With nearby or industry relevant businesses.
53. Amazon – List your products on Amazon.
54. eBay/Etsy – List your products on eBay and Etsy.
55. Write – An eBook or a book.
56. Teach – A seminar, webinar or workshop.
57. Donate – Charities feature large corporate donors on their websites.
58. Reviews – Generate reviews for your site.
59. Utilise Yahoo Answers/Quora – Answer industry relevant questions.
60. Guest Post – On other industry relevant websites.
61. Be Controversial – Controversy gets you in front of more people than being safe.
62. Be the Expert – In your field, have people coming to you for advice/opinions.
63. Run Offers/Discounts – Great way to spark sales.
64. Press Release – Write a press release and distribute the content.
65. Create a Facebook Page – Build your online brand.
66. Sponsored Tweets – Pay for a relevant expert to tweet for you/retweet you.
67. Conduct Market Research – Offer these individuals free products as a result.
68. LinkedIn Ads – Highly specific to your potential prospects.
69. Groupon – Create a Groupon offer.
70. Sign up to HARO – Help A Reporter Out email network.
71. Hire a Salesperson – They should pay for themselves in time.
72. Create a Mascot – Walk down the street in your costume!
73. Run a Contest – People love free stuff.
74. Upsell – To existing customers.
75. Pay for Lunch – Be like the account-men from Mad Men
76. Explore Google Communities – There are Google communities for everything. Find one that is relevant and become an active member.
77. Sponsor a Fete – Relatively cheap for the reach you receive.
78. Get a Stall – In the city centre to promote your brand.
79. Grow the Email List – The most valuable asset in any business.
80. Hire a Street Marketer – Sign flipping/flyer drops.
81. Hold a Charity Event – It might make the news and give you huge free publicity.
82. Give the Homeless Branded Clothes – It’s a good deal mixed with branding.
83. Create a Brochure – Send to your prospects.
84. Write for a Magazine/Newspaper – Generate buzz from your success.
85. News Jacking – Piggy back of a breaking news story by adding relevant spin/comments.
86. Ask an Expert for an Interview – Post it on your site and they will share it.
87. Charity Auctions – donate some products to a charity auction.
88. Send Thank You Cards – Include your website so people will return next time.
89. Create a ‘Points’ Scheme – Similar to the clubcard or nectar points ones.
90. Connect Through Twitter – Search for people talking about your niche and connect.
91. Do the Opposite to a Competitor – This makes you unique and memorable.
92. Email Blasts – Pay other relevant companies to contact their email lists.
93. Send Free Products to Experts – They will share on social media and give you exposure.
94. Improve Your Website – Re-brand a tired looking website.
95. Help Businesses – In return for a mention on their website.
96. Buy Leads – Buy warm leads from business retailers.
97. Post Reviews – Of relevant tools and equipment in your industry.
98. Sponsor an Athlete – To wear your branded clothes.
99. Tradeshows – Set up a stall at your local tradeshow.
100. Post to Local Bulletin Boards – Pin your flyer on local message boards.
101. Comment on Videos – With links to your brand.

Tom Buckland
SEO Consultant
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